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Harmonic Overtones

Dark Rune
1 December 1984
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  • runeharmonic@livejournal.com
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Age: 22

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Filipino

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

I'm a certified geek. I like reading, writing, drawing, singing, playing guitar, drums, piano, and pretty much any sport--even running, which I no longer find boring, but soothing. I have a horrible record trying to finish my WIPs for the CCS and PoT fandoms because when I have inspiration, I don't have time to write. Conversely, when I find time to write, I lose the inspiration. I just can't win.

My greatest writing achievement so far is an essay for the Harry Potter fandom entitled Deconstructing the Cliches, and my greatest artistic achievement so far is this interpretation of a scene from Order of the Phoenix. I also still hang out at the H.M.S. Harmony Forum and try to post there whenever I can.